From appearances and achievements,
To offsprings and occupations,
We all have fallen prey to unhealthy competition,
One of the worst amongst human affliction.

Why is this habit-an easy bait?
And such a destructive and debilitating trait?
Besides creating a recurring restless state,
It dissipates relations and friendships at a fast rate.

How does one keep away from this indisposition?
Isn't vying, a natural human condition?
That some can say, leads to advancement and distinction.
And acts as a stimuli for progress and perfection.

Staying away from comparisons needs rethinking and re condition,
Feeling true gratitude and grace in life is a benediction.

Keeping to one’s garden is a lofty aim,
Abandoning competitions can lead to immense gain.
While friendships and associations are vital,
Keeping one away from comparisons is also pivotal.

Each life is unique and distinct,
Competition tries to confine all to the same precinct.

No one gets only a smooth road,
Each one carries a different load.
Understanding this with a mind broad,
Can lead to satisfaction and happiness hoard.

Your Six and My Nine

You might see a six, when I see a nine,
Should this be a cause to draw a line?
Perspectives can differ between yours and mine,
Life offers a smorgasbord to wine and dine.

Entertaining varied ideas help us grow,
Opening doors to new views and vistas bring a fresh glow.

Likes and dislikes, options and opinions can vary,
But mirrors too can soon get scary.

Our life experiences shape our thinking,
Upbringing, education, values and conditioning,
Play a role and have a strong linking,
But, our differences don’t have to be stinking.

It is tough to entertain dissidence,
Easier to practice indifference or reticence.
Yet, life is richer approached with an open mind,
Its not tough to think distinct, yet remain kind.

Every individual’s life journey is unique,
Understanding involves giving up critique.

Your nine and my six,
Both can co exist in life’s mix.

Game of Life

Life’s like a pack of card(s),
what you get might be hard,
but your play,
will determine your mainstay.

Some might seem to hold a better hand,
not necessarily, will they till the end stand.
Only you know what you hold.
What can be played, bargained or sold.

A silver spoon does not assure a lifelong win,
Dependance, arrogance, indifference can take anyone for a spin.
Don’t blame cards that life deals,
Opportunities are rife, but there are no free meals.

Passion and persistence are above par,
hard work and humility can take you far,
Help and hurdles come in the way for one and all,
Your attitude determines your rewards-big and small.

When the game ends, so does guile,
All cards go back in a pile,
Some will put down theirs with a smirk, others with a smile,
Think how you want to play, without being vile.

Embracing Change

My ability to accept and embrace change,
Experiences and events of varied range,
Consciously abstaining from trying to arrange,
Or judging people, places or pretexts as smooth or strange,
Determines quality of my happiness,
And reduces my restlessness,
Takes me away from listlessness
And helps me see the universe’s preparedness.
Continuous flux is a tease,
Routines put us at ease,
Involuntary changes incite uncertainty and unease,
Yet, acceptance of change is universe’s treatise.
Like seasons mold,
And expose us to hot and cold,
We learn that time cannot be put on hold,
And our span on earth is gold.
Changes in situations and circumstances,
Are all a part of the universe’s plan and prance,
An everlasting dance,
Teaching us about letting go and embracing happenstance.


Why is forgive,
The most difficult give?

Forgiveness is not to forget,
But to move beyond anger, anguish and regret.

True pardon takes effort and time,
It's not easy to fully emerge above all situational grime.
But one learns in time,
Forgiveness is not for others, but self preservation in prime.

Is it possible to forgive all?
Don’t we live with remorses-big and small.
Regrets and sorrows are part of life on our ball,
But, we can keep the pile small if at all.

Give and take in human relations are the desired concept,
Yet, not all connections survive or thrive on this percept,
Not necessarily where we give is from where we will get,
Emotions and relations flow in random aspect.

Like some situations far exceed our expectations,
And others fall way short beyond wildest imagination,
All kinds make the world go round,
Slowly we learn with what, when and whom to surround.

Mutually fulfilling relations are an exquisite gift,
To be cherished and celebrated in life’s perpetual drift.

Your Way And My Way

If I am wrong, does that make you right?
Between day and night,
There’s a period of twilight,
When dark merges with light.

Life is beyond white and black,
As it exists on myriad rack, 
where facts and feelings stack.
Restricting to binary elements is a thinking lack,

Looking beyond obvious is essential,
Since growth happens beyond provincial,
And understanding the differential, 
Is vital to appreciate that perspectives are beneficial.

Having opinions is easy,
Understanding makes many queasy.

Several paths can lead to a desired end,
People can prefer different bend,
Curved-straight, long-short, shaded-unshaded,
Let not one path make us jaded.

Getting Older and Maybe Wiser

On a recent birthday,
While collecting wishes from near and away,
Amidst nature’s wonders in full sway,
I ruminated about life and its way(s).

Getting older has many benefit,
Rear view mirror shows so many gift,
Decades of memories are a mood lift or shift,
People, places and pretexts-so much to which one can adrift.

Bonds of affection, attachment and admiration can be visited,
Some lessons on the way can be recalled and listed,
While some memories are clear, others a bit twisted,
Reliving experiences are sacred when perspectives are shifted.

After gaining some experience and deliberation,
One learns that routines around action and introspection,
With unwavering faith and retrospection,
Can lead to lasting acceptance and satisfaction.

Action is healthy-physically and mentally,
Introspection helps emotionally and spiritually.
Going deep within and knowing self is therapeutic,
Accepting life’s frailty is calming and cathartic.

Regrets are debilitating and a huge time waste,
Blaming situations or others leave only a sour taste.

Living in the present with grace and gratitude,
Can help one stay away from worries and disquietude.

Speech and Silence

Silence and speech had a fight,
To decide-which has more might?
Sermon said, “I help and heal lives.”
Silence retorted, “I prevent strifes.”
Caring words can soothe the heart,
Verbal exchanges are a science and an art. 
Kind words can friendships start,
Talks in life play an unmatched part.
Silence is golden-an old proverb,
Is a strategy and solution to curtail and curb, 
Discords that can disrupt and disturb,
And disagreements that can pain and perturb.
As we advance in age and turn a page,
We realize the merits of the above adage. 
Quiet helps prevent rash and rage,
We can employ silence to our advantage.
But hushing is not every time an ace, 
Sometimes oration has a superior place.
Certain situations need speaking out,
Lashing out and thrashing out.
Speech and silence have a beautiful blend,
In varied settings, the two adequately append. 
Words aid us to say and convey.
Facts, feelings, and also hearsay.
Silence can help us closely hear, 
Understanding quite draws us near.
Shushing soothes the tired body and mind. 
An acquired virtue-one of a kind.

Life’s on a Lease

As humans, we are tuned to be restless,
Momentarily grateful, but mostly thankless.
Holding on to myths and beliefs that are baseless.
Falling prey to harmful anxiety and stress that is faceless. 

Its human nature to aim higher than before,
Since status quo can quickly bore.
Partaking in a perpetual race is in our core.
Reaching and looking for more is our life’s lore.

Seeking is good, helps us explore,
Thinking about new ways and ideas to soar.
Our faculties are to be used, not store.
Many issues need our energies to pore.

But endless desires can tire,
Halting is essential to rekindle the fire.
Reflecting on personal purpose helps rejuvenate,
Persist and participate or pivot and re evaluate.

Its vital to deliberately stop and cease,
Give our hearts and minds some needed ease,
Prevent our bodies to be burdened with burnout and disease, 
Life after all is on a lease.