Game of Life

Life’s like a pack of card(s),
What you are dealt might be hard.
How you play,
Will determine your mainstay.
Some might seem to hold a better hand,
Not necessarily, they will till the end stand.
Only you know what you hold.
What can be played, bargained or sold.
A silver spoon does not assure a lifelong win,
Dependance, arrogance, indifference can take anyone for a spin.
Don’t blame cards that life deals,
Opportunities are rife, but there are no free meals.
Passion and persistence are above par.
Hard work and humility can take you far,
Help and hurdles come in the way for one and all,
Your attitude and grit will determine your rewards-big and small.
When the game ends, so does guile,
All cards go back in a pile,
Some will put down theirs with a smirk, others with a smile,
Think how you want to play, without being vile.