Speech and Silence

Silence and speech had a fight,
To decide-which has more might?
Sermon said, “I help and heal lives.”
Silence retorted, “I prevent strifes.”
Caring words can soothe the heart,
Verbal exchanges are a science and an art. 
Kind words can friendships start,
Talks in life play an unmatched part.
Silence is golden-an old proverb,
Is a strategy and solution to curtail and curb, 
Discords that can disrupt and disturb,
And disagreements that can pain and perturb.
As we advance in age and turn a page,
We realize the merits of the above adage. 
Quiet helps prevent rash and rage,
We can employ silence to our advantage.
But hushing is not every time an ace, 
Sometimes oration has a superior place.
Certain situations need speaking out,
Lashing out and thrashing out.
Speech and silence have a beautiful blend,
In varied settings, the two adequately append. 
Words aid us to say and convey.
Facts, feelings, and also hearsay.
Silence can help us closely hear, 
Understanding quite draws us near.
Shushing soothes the tired body and mind. 
An acquired virtue-one of a kind.

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