Your Six and My Nine

You might see a six, when I see a nine,
Should this be a cause to draw a line?
Perspectives can differ between yours and mine,
Life offers a smorgasbord to wine and dine.

Entertaining varied ideas help us grow,
Opening doors to new views and vistas bring a fresh glow.

Likes and dislikes, options and opinions can vary,
But mirrors too can soon get scary.

Our life experiences shape our thinking,
Upbringing, education, values and conditioning,
Play a role and have a strong linking,
But, our differences don’t have to be stinking.

It is tough to entertain dissidence,
Easier to practice indifference or reticence.
Yet, life is richer approached with an open mind,
Its not tough to think distinct, yet remain kind.

Every individual’s life journey is unique,
Understanding involves giving up critique.

Your nine and my six,
Both can co exist in life’s mix.