Embracing Change

My ability to accept and embrace change,
Experiences and events of varied range,
Consciously abstaining from trying to arrange,
Or judging people, places or pretexts as smooth or strange,

Determines quality of my happiness,
And reduces my restlessness,
Takes me away from listlessness
And helps me see the universe’s preparedness.

Continuous flux is a tease,
Routines put us at ease,
Involuntary changes incite uncertainty and unease,
Yet, acceptance of change is universe’s treatise.

Like seasons mold,
And expose us to hot and cold,
We learn that time cannot be put on hold,
And our span on earth is gold.

Changes in situations and circumstances,
Are all a part of the universe’s plan and prance,
An everlasting dance,
Teaching us about letting go and embracing happenstance.

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