Your Way And My Way

If I am wrong, does that make you right?
Between day and night,
There’s a period of twilight,
When dark merges with light.

Life is beyond white and black,
As it exists on myriad rack, 
where facts and feelings stack.
Restricting to binary elements is a thinking lack,

Looking beyond obvious is essential,
Since growth happens beyond provincial,
And understanding the differential, 
Is vital to appreciate that perspectives are beneficial.

Having opinions is easy,
Understanding makes many queasy.

Several paths can lead to a desired end,
People can prefer different bend,
Curved-straight, long-short, shaded-unshaded,
Let not one path make us jaded.

3 thoughts on “Your Way And My Way

    1. My Mother’s favorite explanation of accepting and cherishing different personality traits is- variety is what makes our world and surroundings beautiful. Eyes like to see variety, mind likes varied experiences and ears like to hear myriad sounds. 🙂 sameness even of the best kinds can get boring and repetition produces ennui.

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