From appearances and achievements,
To offsprings and occupations,
We all have fallen prey to unhealthy competition,
One of the worst amongst human affliction.

Why is this habit-an easy bait?
And such a destructive and debilitating trait?
Besides creating a recurring restless state,
It dissipates relations and friendships at a fast rate.

How does one keep away from this indisposition?
Isn't vying, a natural human condition?
That some can say, leads to advancement and distinction.
And acts as a stimuli for progress and perfection.

Staying away from comparisons needs rethinking and re condition,
Feeling true gratitude and grace in life is a benediction.

Keeping to one’s garden is a lofty aim,
Abandoning competitions can lead to immense gain.
While friendships and associations are vital,
Keeping one away from comparisons is also pivotal.

Each life is unique and distinct,
Competition tries to confine all to the same precinct.

No one gets only a smooth road,
Each one carries a different load.
Understanding this with a mind broad,
Can lead to satisfaction and happiness hoard.

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