Getting Older and Maybe Wiser

On a recent birthday,
While collecting wishes from near and away,
Amidst nature’s wonders in full sway,
I ruminated about life and its way(s).

Getting older has many benefit,
Rear view mirror shows so many gift,
Decades of memories are a mood lift or shift,
People, places and pretexts-so much to which one can adrift.

Bonds of affection, attachment and admiration can be visited,
Some lessons on the way can be recalled and listed,
While some memories are clear, others a bit twisted,
Reliving experiences are sacred when perspectives are shifted.

After gaining some experience and deliberation,
One learns that routines around action and introspection,
With unwavering faith and retrospection,
Can lead to lasting acceptance and satisfaction.

Action is healthy-physically and mentally,
Introspection helps emotionally and spiritually.
Going deep within and knowing self is therapeutic,
Accepting life’s frailty is calming and cathartic.

Regrets are debilitating and a huge time waste,
Blaming situations or others leave only a sour taste.

Living in the present with grace and gratitude,
Can help one stay away from worries and disquietude.

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