Half Full

From foreboding and fear,
To rehashing events of gone by year(s),
Like all else, it starts with the thoughts,
And then to actions and habit is brought.

Are struggles of human evolution to blame for our fear and pessimism?
Why should a natural state of satiation be a difficult proposition?
Focussing on the empty half incites restlessness and discomfort,
Refocussing on a glass half full takes exertion and effort.

Conditioning of millions of years is tough to change,
Inherent habits take persistent practice and patience to exchange.
Its tough to make contentment and optimism, our main stay,
But, human life is too precious for sadness or sorrow to hold long sway.

Negative thinking has to be deliberately curtailed,
And with instant positive actions bailed.
Life’s abundant gifts are to be fondly cherished,
Acknowledged, appreciated and relished.

While struggles, strifes and setbacks are a part of life,
Acts of goodness, grace and glee are also rife.
Focusing on the flowers amidst thorns is the key,
Winning the war of thoughts is the first step to be.

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