Hot and Cold

Have you ever wondered how hot and cold blend?
And to human state append.
And how warm and cool extend,
From food and beverage to mood bend(s).

A hot head hurts and harms,
A stealer of peace and calms.
A cold heart turns away friend,
Leaving one isolated in the end.

A cool head helps one clearly think,
Like a warm heart helps one closely link.

No trait is marked in permanent ink.
But change of heart does not happen in a blink.

A cold shoulder becomes a necessity
In absence of other means and modality.

A warm hug soothes from within,
Without fanfare and any din.

A cool demeanor is best of all,
Warm smiles can prevent many a fall.
Cold feet also partake in life's game,
In situations not easy to manage or tame.

Best is to accept all conditions without blame.
Many wise ones will teach and claim,
A hot bod might be great for the pool,
But a cool temper is a far superior tool.

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