Letting Go

I remember as a child losing a favorite toy,
Nothing said could bring back the joy.
After tears, tenderness and time, I accepted the loss,
And learnt a vital lesson of acceptance and moving across.

Letting go is a complex art,
Attachments are like sweet and sour tart,
Detachment is not something for which we have a draft,
Yet, life and living demands that we embrace this craft.

Though generations before us have walked this path,
Yet, each individual is on one’s own swath.
Slowly we learn not all lost can be restored,
Sadness and sorrow have also to be endured.

Loosening some chords can cut sharper than a knife,
Yet, holding on is against the natural order of life.
Since losses in life are rampant and rife,
It does not help to put up a strife.

The sojourn of acceptance,
Is not bereft of inner agitation,
Can challenge many a disposition,
But eventually leads to affirmation and personal evolution.

Lockdown Memories

From a life that seemed like a constantly moving mill,
A never ending hill.
Allowing no time to stand or sit still.
Demanding one more chore, one more bill-a constant drill.

Lockdown provided time for contemplation,
Away from external and nearer to inner connection,
Hours were spent in reckoning and reflection,
And also in self suggestion and correction.

I cherished and appreciated the rush-free time,
Rare, precious, and sublime.
Early morning hours of mine,
Allowed me to connect with self and divine.

Beyond worldly concerns and care,
I could sit back and inside stare.
Think of twists and turns in life’s line,
And recall events in the churns of time.

Suddenly there were hours to pursue a dormant hobby,
That for years had no lobby.
I read some old books, stories and lore,
Wrote and rewrote like years before,

Delved into some old diary pages.
Reflected on them like sages.
Thought about life’s many wonders,
And how to fit in, without blunders.

Spent and cherished time with loved ones,
Strolls in nature were second to none.
Technological  advances helped hear and see,
Voices and faces of other dear ones and me.

Some days were gentle and tender.
Others had rain and thunder.
Accepting both without protest.
Continued to be the biggest and toughest test.

My way to beat the blues was to work and rest,
Think, read and reflect with zest.
But one abiding tenet of my nest,
Laughter together is the ultimate savior-the very best.


You gave me faculty.
Bestowed me with ability.
Showered me with agility and hopefully humility.
Never doubted your existence,
Have time and again experienced your benevolence.
In happiness, despair and despondence,
You have blessed with grace and radiance.
You have helped me persevere,
Look, listen, learn and revere.
You were there to guide and steer.
Whenever life felt difficult to bear.
I don’t seek you in a church, mosque or temple,
Your presence all around is ample.
I see you in tree, shrub, bird and sea,
In kindness, cheer, care and camaraderie.
I hear you in a bird’s chirp and song,
In miracles-weak and strong.
In days -short and long.
While not judging- right from wrong.

Half Full

From foreboding and fear,
To rehashing events of gone by year(s),
Like all else, it starts with the thoughts,
And then to actions and habit is brought.

Are struggles of human evolution to blame for our fear and pessimism?
Why should a natural state of satiation be a difficult proposition?
Focussing on the empty half incites restlessness and discomfort,
Refocussing on a glass half full takes exertion and effort.

Conditioning of millions of years is tough to change,
Inherent habits take persistent practice and patience to exchange.
Its tough to make contentment and optimism, our main stay,
But, human life is too precious for sadness or sorrow to hold long sway.

Negative thinking has to be deliberately curtailed,
And with instant positive actions bailed.
Life’s abundant gifts are to be fondly cherished,
Acknowledged, appreciated and relished.

While struggles, strifes and setbacks are a part of life,
Acts of goodness, grace and glee are also rife.
Focusing on the flowers amidst thorns is the key,
Winning the war of thoughts is the first step to be.

Poetic Path

An year back I went on a travel,
A poetic path full of words gravel.
Some ideas to unfurl and unravel,
A desire to channel and thoughts ravel.
Never did I think an year will pass,
And I will so much affection amass,
Friends and family’s compliments will surpass,
All expectations of an amateur lass.
My thanks can never fully surmise or suffice,
Or pay you back at any price,
For so much love and kindness sent via varied device,
You have been super generous and nice.
My small word of gratitude,
Is felt with the widest latitude.
And  a very humble and heartfelt attitude,
Thanks for indulging my lay aptitude!