Letting Go

I remember as a child losing a favorite toy,
Nothing said could bring back the joy.
After tears, tenderness and time, I accepted the loss,
And learnt a vital lesson of acceptance and moving across.

Letting go is a complex art,
Attachments are like sweet and sour tart,
Detachment is not something for which we have a draft,
Yet, life and living demands that we embrace this craft.

Though generations before us have walked this path,
Yet, each individual is on one’s own swath.
Slowly we learn not all lost can be restored,
Sadness and sorrow have also to be endured.

Loosening some chords can cut sharper than a knife,
Yet, holding on is against the natural order of life.
Since losses in life are rampant and rife,
It does not help to put up a strife.

The sojourn of acceptance,
Is not bereft of inner agitation,
Can challenge many a disposition,
But eventually leads to affirmation and personal evolution.

Power Source

Every morning and evening I see a sunflower,
Turn its head towards its fount of power.
Like a flower, we too, need a force,
To run to or turn to for our life source.

It can be- a higher power, a person, a place or anything,
That can bring back the bing.
When life gets overwhelming,
We need some soothing and calming.

Since dives and drops -big and small,
Are not all easy to independently haul,
Support and shoulder is essential for all,
To help us rise from life's plunges and fall(s).

With time we realize who’s on our side,
Or who’s suggestions we can abide,
There are few with whom our heart can truly stride,
Finding a soul to share concerns with, is no easy ride.

Seek solace in faith, family, friends or book,
Dance, music, songs or a special nook,
Identify and nurture one or more ways,
That can still and soothe when nerves run astray.

Lockdown Memories

From a life that seemed like a constantly moving mill,
A never ending hill.
Allowing no time to stand or sit still.
Demanding one more chore, one more bill-a constant drill.

Lockdown provided time for contemplation,
Away from external and nearer to inner connection,
Hours were spent in reckoning and reflection,
And also in self suggestion and correction.

I cherished and appreciated the rush-free time,
Rare, precious, and sublime.
Early morning hours of mine,
Allowed me to connect with self and divine.

Beyond worldly concerns and care,
I could sit back and inside stare.
Think of twists and turns in life’s line,
And recall events in the churns of time.

Suddenly there were hours to pursue a dormant hobby,
That for years had no lobby.
I read some old books, stories and lore,
Wrote and rewrote like years before,

Delved into some old diary pages.
Reflected on them like sages.
Thought about life’s many wonders,
And how to fit in, without blunders.

Spent and cherished time with loved ones,
Strolls in nature were second to none.
Technological  advances helped hear and see,
Voices and faces of other dear ones and me.

Some days were gentle and tender.
Others had rain and thunder.
Accepting both without protest.
Continued to be the biggest and toughest test.

My way to beat the blues was to work and rest,
Think, read and reflect with zest.
But one abiding tenet of my nest,
Laughter together is the ultimate savior-the very best.

Women and Work

Pondering on continuing pandemic induced effect,
Job losses affecting women the worst, makes me reflect,
Pressures of juggling home and work are not hard to detect,
High time we recognize these imbalances and help deflect.

As a society, we cannot be oblivious to this grave reality,
Women’s short and long term wellbeing is not a banality.
The urgent and pressing need is for true equality,
Physical, mental and emotional labor distribution is not a triviality.

Toggling multiple fronts can take their toll,
Findings reveal these facts, poll after poll.
Shouldering varied roles and duties pull women in opposite way,
Continually, balancing work and personal fronts are no easy play.

Can a woman's myriad responsibilities be truly prioritized?
Can multitude of roles and responsibilities be correctly categorized?
Can one role adequately monopolize?
What happens when women have to persistently sift and strategize?

All tasks demand time, effort and energy to sway,
Unequal distribution of chores is a heavy price to pay,
Dissimilar pay and perks for same work is not okay,
Societally, we urgently need to find a better, sustainable way.


Choice of our thoughts,
Determines a lot.
Thoughts may emerge from an unknown spot,
But how we direct them, is in our pot.

I can choose to be thankful,
Or I can be resentful.

We get opportunities to feel both,
To like and love or dislike and loathe.
Circumstances for sure determine our moods,
But our overall constitution is on what we brood.

Resilience is an acquired trait,
Negativity is an attractive bait.
With deliberate practice it has to be set aside,
And replaced with positive thoughts, actions and vibe.

Our mornings set the tone of the day,
Small steps to feel and flow go a long way.
Practicing positivity is no easy play,
But regular efforts can lessen mood fray.

Beginnings and endings are vital to start right,
Mind recalls and replays events at night,
Setting aside thoughts of happenings is not easy or light,
But peace of mind is the ultimate reward in sight.

In Between

From the texts that teach,
To the men that preach,
Faith lies in between.
From fervent declarations of love,
To blood thirsty hate,
Control like a trapeze artist balances in between.
From zenith of joy and happiness,
To depths of despair and sadness,
Equanimity satisfies in between.
From playful, carefree childhood,
To pensive, responsibilities filled adulthood,
Life is to be savored in between.
From quiet contemplation,
To intense discussions,
Wisdom searches a niche in between.
From passions that overcome obstacles,
To indifference leading to humdrum,
Vast majority live in between.
From follies and frivolities of youth,
To sagacity of the golden years,
Moments and memories of life are lived and made in between

Citizens of our Minds

Beyond towns, cities and nations,
We are all citizens of our minds.
Where we live, imagine, speculate & interpret,
Words, gestures, actions and reactions.

We visit our mind’s rooms often,
For the what’s, why’s, when’s and how’s of our lives.
Positive thoughts are fleeting, but negative ones flow easier.
Do you wonder why?

An unkind word can hurt for long,
An unthinking action can sting strong.
Wounds by loved ones are the worst,
Unreciprocated love troubles most.

No easy solution or remedy of sorts.
Thoughts are an uncontrollable lot.
How can I train my mind?
Not to be troubled with thoughts unkind.

Some say meditate,
Others say act.
Still others suggest ignore.
Do not speculate and store.

All are noble suggestions,
Key is to turn them into actions.
Uncontrollable mind is the worst master,
Giving to its ways, can lead to disaster.

A hold on one’s thoughts, is the biggest victory.
Can change course of history,
And our body’s chemistry.

Above all and beyond,
A controllable mind,
Can lead to a higher ground.
Above sight, sense and sound.

Not easy, but a worthy goal.
When thoughts don’t stir.
But come and go without power.
Staying for a bit, but not too long.
Keeping one in charge and strong.

Half Full

From foreboding and fear,
To rehashing events of gone by year(s),
Like all else, it starts with the thoughts,
And then to actions and habit is brought.

Are struggles of human evolution to blame for our fear and pessimism?
Why should a natural state of satiation be a difficult proposition?
Focussing on the empty half incites restlessness and discomfort,
Refocussing on a glass half full takes exertion and effort.

Conditioning of millions of years is tough to change,
Inherent habits take persistent practice and patience to exchange.
Its tough to make contentment and optimism, our main stay,
But, human life is too precious for sadness or sorrow to hold long sway.

Negative thinking has to be deliberately curtailed,
And with instant positive actions bailed.
Life’s abundant gifts are to be fondly cherished,
Acknowledged, appreciated and relished.

While struggles, strifes and setbacks are a part of life,
Acts of goodness, grace and glee are also rife.
Focusing on the flowers amidst thorns is the key,
Winning the war of thoughts is the first step to be.

Knock a door, Ring a Bell!

Knock a door, ring a bell.
Open your shell.
Life’s sojourn is easier when you share.
Find and seek souls that care.

Beyond frivolities and niceties
Share true concerns, above trivialities.
No life is untouched by tragedies.
Sharing concerns help relieve maladies.

Time with friends can be a therapy,
Perspectives help us gain empathy.
Path of life is easier without disdain.
Everyone can give and gain.

We are on this journey together,
Share your cares when you gather.

Connections are precious, above all.
Sharing turns big sorrows- small.
Both carer and cared gain,
Be a giver and a taker without restrain.

Reach out and extend a hand.
Don’t just passively stand.
Help someone with their burden and bother.
Jointly make the pains smother.

Bringing joy to another
Takes us further.