Is maturity, a gain of perspective?
Does it mean-more objective?
Less reactive.
More introspective.

Do we finally begin hearing more and speaking less,
Caring not just for outer, but how we insides dress.
Can we casual comments and actions ignore?
And not let every word or action, harbor, linger or store.

Do we become more caring and kind?
Learn to our own businesses mind.
Stop taking pleasure in gossip and tale,
Understand life will not always be glee and gale.

Do we stop seeking other's acceptance?
Learn to maintain healthy distance.
Does what gives us pleasure changes?
And we learn to choose our bandages.

Do we mold practices that no longer calm?
Update lifestyles with lesser qualms.
Learn more about healthy ways and balm,
And the power of silence, smiles and salaam.

Passion for a Purpose

Passion for a purpose is a unique gift,
That can bring its bearers an unnamed lift,
The act itself- is to which you bow,
Its also to be in a state of flow.

Each of us have unique talents and skills.
Not all exist to pay the bills.
Trance worthy love for the act in itself is a reward,
As we have heard of many painter and bard.

How does one identify such a calling or cause?
That can make everything else go on a pause.
Is it inherited or inculcated?
How is it promoted and percolated?

The activity may not be rational to many,
It may not fetch you a precious penny,
But, absorption in the cause is unique from any.
Not all actions have to be clever or canny,

Lucky are those that can find such an emotion,
Dedicate their hours  and years with deep devotion,
Seeking and finding such a purpose is grace,
Indulging in perfecting it, is life’s purpose and pace.

Living Twice

What if we get to live twice?
Would it feel like a bonus prize?
Will we live differently with perspective?
Will life be sweeter in retrospective?
Second time, I will play, stray and smile more,
Will not let petty problems disturb my core,
Understand life’s a tapestry of encounters to explore,
Some to cherish and others to endure.
Second chances are given on many day(s),
If not in entirety, then in some small or big way(s),
Key is to quickly understand and play,
Hopefully, the second time we can better sway.
Our children also help us relive our lives,
In their choices, we can vicariously thrive.
Sometimes we wish they would take the ford,
Then we have to remember-its for them to choose their road.
Chances in life are resplendent and rife,
Many say-the biggest lessons come from dear wife,
God willing, one learns and remembers without many strife,
Trick is to grab second chances and not be stuck in life.

A Sari Box

A sari box got opened,
And a revelation got made-
Definition of a sari in a dictionary is wrong,
Its not just a garment that’s about six feet long.

It’s a harbinger of memories,
A drape in its weft, weave and wrap carrying stories.
My saris are not just cottons, silks, georgettes and chiffons,
Each one carries memoirs-soirées and songs.

A grand mother’s advise,
An aunt’s surprise,
So much in guise,
And then-conjectures and surmise,

These old saris have opened a floodgate of sorts,
Pouring a deluge of memories- an entire lot,
Taken me back to the place of my youth,
An upbringing of caring, culture and couth.

New fashions and fabrics may come and go,
Some old ones are like a seasoned pro,

Shapes and styles mold as one grow(s),
Yet, a few can still make you gleam and glow,
Reminding that though life’s like a river in continuous flow.
Sometimes it’s better when you stop, savor and slow. 

Slaves of Habit

Habits make us,
And also break us.
We are prisoners to our ways,
Yet, so vital is to regularly breakaway.

Bonds of our ways and habits,
Developed consciously or unconsciously in tacit,
Determine a lot in our lives,
Changing is not without some strifes.

Some easy and comforting routine,
Are nothing less than cocaine.
Addiction to our norms and styles,
Slowly but surely does patterns pile.

From waking up to shut eye,
Routines rampantly run our lives.
Some good and some not, are in the mix,
For the not so, there’s no quick fix.

Path of changing pattern is rather greasy.
Giving up or molding old ways is not easy,
A strong desire is the first step on this way,
Practice, patience and perseverance are the mainstay.

Some change in habits is hugely beneficial,
For some, help from others is vital,
Yet, personal effort is pivotal,
For lasting change, beyond superficial.

Lockdown Memories

From a life that seemed like a constantly moving mill,
A never ending hill.
Allowing no time to stand or sit still.
Demanding one more chore, one more bill-a constant drill.

Lockdown provided time for contemplation,
Away from external and nearer to inner connection,
Hours were spent in reckoning and reflection,
And also in self suggestion and correction.

I cherished and appreciated the rush-free time,
Rare, precious, and sublime.
Early morning hours of mine,
Allowed me to connect with self and divine.

Beyond worldly concerns and care,
I could sit back and inside stare.
Think of twists and turns in life’s line,
And recall events in the churns of time.

Suddenly there were hours to pursue a dormant hobby,
That for years had no lobby.
I read some old books, stories and lore,
Wrote and rewrote like years before,

Delved into some old diary pages.
Reflected on them like sages.
Thought about life’s many wonders,
And how to fit in, without blunders.

Spent and cherished time with loved ones,
Strolls in nature were second to none.
Technological  advances helped hear and see,
Voices and faces of other dear ones and me.

Some days were gentle and tender.
Others had rain and thunder.
Accepting both without protest.
Continued to be the biggest and toughest test.

My way to beat the blues was to work and rest,
Think, read and reflect with zest.
But one abiding tenet of my nest,
Laughter together is the ultimate savior-the very best.

Today & Tomorrow

Today’s events turn to tomorrow’s stories,
Tales recalled of shared experiences and soirees.
Build today that you’d want to reminisce as you age,
Many remembrances can be relived as you turn a page,

Fill your life with a legacy of love and grace, not hate and rage.
Construe memories that bring smile and satisfaction at any stage.
As you sit back and remember events from the past.
A melting pot will emerge of people, travel, work, and talks that you hast.

Moments we cherish are not just special occasion.
But ordinary turned special by a kind word, a thoughtful action.
Best are days filled with shared goals, collaboration and rejoicing,
Small and big achievement that are enriching and enticing.

In the book of life, some days are happy, others sad,
Some good and others bad,
No one escapes life unscathed-lass or lad.
Your reactions determine an overall card of glad or mad.

No one has only a happy yesterday,
Love, longing, losing-are all served in life’s tray,
Consciously choose positive.
Nip in the bud, the negative.

Simple lessons of life include to be proactive,
Not just reactive.
I cherish time spent with special and simple people.
Honest, humble, humorous, not sitting on a steeple.

Many have helped lighten my load.
Gratitude is due to many special mentors on life’s road.
Books, paintings, travel, sculptures and show,
All compete and complement mind’s space in tow.

Recollections are random, don’t flow in a row.
Many remind of riches of creation, to which I bow.
Thank you Lord for all that you teach and bestow.
Life’s a game of catch and throw.

Hot and Cold

Have you ever wondered how hot and cold blend?
And to human state append.
And how warm and cool extend,
From food and beverage to mood bend(s).

A hot head hurts and harms,
A stealer of peace and calms.
A cold heart turns away friend,
Leaving one isolated in the end.

A cool head helps one clearly think,
Like a warm heart helps one closely link.

No trait is marked in permanent ink.
But change of heart does not happen in a blink.

A cold shoulder becomes a necessity
In absence of other means and modality.

A warm hug soothes from within,
Without fanfare and any din.

A cool demeanor is best of all,
Warm smiles can prevent many a fall.
Cold feet also partake in life's game,
In situations not easy to manage or tame.

Best is to accept all conditions without blame.
Many wise ones will teach and claim,
A hot bod might be great for the pool,
But a cool temper is a far superior tool.

Half Full

From foreboding and fear,
To rehashing events of gone by year(s),
Like all else, it starts with the thoughts,
And then to actions and habit is brought.

Are struggles of human evolution to blame for our fear and pessimism?
Why should a natural state of satiation be a difficult proposition?
Focussing on the empty half incites restlessness and discomfort,
Refocussing on a glass half full takes exertion and effort.

Conditioning of millions of years is tough to change,
Inherent habits take persistent practice and patience to exchange.
Its tough to make contentment and optimism, our main stay,
But, human life is too precious for sadness or sorrow to hold long sway.

Negative thinking has to be deliberately curtailed,
And with instant positive actions bailed.
Life’s abundant gifts are to be fondly cherished,
Acknowledged, appreciated and relished.

While struggles, strifes and setbacks are a part of life,
Acts of goodness, grace and glee are also rife.
Focusing on the flowers amidst thorns is the key,
Winning the war of thoughts is the first step to be.


Inspiration can appear anywhere-
Some have found in stories of tortoise and hare.
Others in mirrors, as they stare.
Usually in situations that one doesn’t fear, but dare.

Many seek in nature and its myriad layer.
Millions in regular penance and prayer.
Some visit seas, high mountains, temples, while others find in their lair.
Depends on what one fancies and on one's flair.

I’ve found mine in least expected times and places.
Sometimes during walks at steady or slow paces.
Usually when my mind is calm, free from everyday races.
Also in happy, sad, thinking, loving and longing faces.

Something else that works is to keenly feel, hear and see.
Without judgement—situations, as they happen to be.
Plethora of experience and emotion that incite glum and glee.
I am amazed at the opposites that surround me.

Life’s abundant contrasts-warm fuzzies and cold prickles,
Sweet and sour, praline and pickles.
Some days abundant, and others a trickle.
Life and its ways are ever changing and fickle.

Highly inspirational are nature’s bountiful creations,
Unwavering dreams and dedication,
Limitless and boundless imagination,
Leading to myriad innovations.