Teens went and twenties came,
What did I lose and what did I gain?
lost some attitude and anger,
gained confidence and candor.

Twenties went and thirties came,
What did I lose and what did I gain?
lost some ideals and insecurities,
gained experiences and responsibilities.

Thirties went and forties came,
What did I lose and what did I gain?
lost some pretenses and impatience,
gained perspective and tolerance.

Forties went and fifties have come,
What did I lose and what have I become?
lost the need of approval or being liked,
gained ability to prevent being spiked.

What will happen in the next decade?
What will I lose and what will I gain?
I hope to lose the desire to expect or judge,
And gain the ability to let go of grudge.


Some days, I am tired of everything,
nothing in particular, yet anything,
routines of morning and evening,
tasks in general and during.

What should I do?
change my thinking or my to-do.
may be, I will need to do both,
thoughts and actions to move forth.

Feelings are important to set the stage,
but doing is what will open the cage.
I will begin with positive thinking,
follow up with actions to stop sinking,

Both will have to come together to my rescue,
mind and matter connection is not new,
one cannot be used for another in lieu,
each has a place on the human life pew.

Rich thoughts without actions are empty,
and actions bereft of feelings are not plenty.
both will have to join hands,
to help me reach new lands.

Untidy Home

Blankets on the couch,
where members slouch,
chocolate stains in nooks and pouch,
incite  some anger and insincere ouch!

I like this chaos and mess,
though somedays I wish it’s less,
I know the price of cleanliness,
abhor the thought of orderliness.

Unpicked shirts, trousers and sock(s),
half closed drawers that mock,
bathroom shout for a towel or tooth paste,
From someone who entered in haste.

An unsharpened pencil,
papers, puzzle pieces and a stencil,
a pen, a pot, or a bottle without its cover,
There are always things to discover.

The comings and the goings,
hurried good byes and hellos,
kitchen counter with stuff and stains,
half eaten snacks for hunger pains.

I know soon all will become a memory,
and find a place in a poem or a story,
I want to enjoy these days to its full,
not take everyday living as a duty or dull.

I love my home untidy,
shudder when it stays tidy,
things in place-spic and span,
bring empty nest pains in the plan.

Living in Hearts

The query was simple,
Where do you live?
My address as an answer was ample,
But, that was not all I could give.

With some I share a home,
With others, a deep connection,
I live in their hearts and mind,
In thoughts loving, sweet and kind.

They live in mine,
I might not with them dine,
But they live in my dream(s),
In my prayers and when I beam.

You too might in several places reside,
No single address can fully describe,
Where all a person might thrive,
Residing in fond feelings is no lesser than a hive.

Relations can survive any distance,
If feelings are true-with or without diction,
Power of telepathic connection(s),
Are a boon and a benediction.

You and Me

I like you.
But cannot be you.
You are you,
But, I am not you.

I admire you.
But, I cannot be you.
I am me.
Flawed and unique.

I take pride in my identity,
My imperfect entity.
My quirks and my insanity,
My ways and my civility.

I hear you.
Your fears and cheers.
I share some, and not others.
Do you hear me?

I do not wish to change you,
And do not want to change.
I accept your flaws,
Without complaints and claws.

I will be there for you,
Body, mind and spirit,
Will you reciprocate?
And my fears placate?

I will care for you,
And be there for you.
Will you be there for me?
Body, mind and spirit?

Failed promise

He said- “I am sorry,”
did not intend to cause anger or worry,
raised his voice/hand once more,
but said, will not happen anymore.

Once again a false assurance,
Or will he keep his words and patience.
Triggers in life will not end,
I can wait and pretend.

Think of ways to prevent his reactions,
change my ways and actions,
but, if not one, than another,
he will always find a cause for bother.

It's not me, but him,
With emotions always on the brim.
Has not learnt to communicate,
wants, emotions or reciprocate.

Is his illiteracy my burden,
How will I live and my children?
Isn’t a compromise worth it?
Will my home not benefit?

I tried but failed,
Marriage couldn’t be bailed.
Once more, his ways did not change,
Decades of patriarchy not ready for exchange.

Meeting Me

Letters from the past,
are a memory blast.
Met myself from three decades ago,
Via writings from a loquacious pro.

She spoke with spontaneity,
Chuckled without scarcity,
a perky personality,
enveloped with vivacity.

Has time changed her?
And responsibilities molded her?
Have some experiences hardened her?
And others softened her?

The extra pounds on the waist,
Reveal only a partial tale in haste.
As do the growing silver streaks in her hair,
Or the lines on the forehead that stare.

The real story is known to a few,
Of struggles that came to skid and slew,
Family and friends-old and new,
Helped and healed scars that life drew.

How will rest of life play?
Will more challenges come on the way?
Are there any new dues to pay?
Or will calm and happiness stay?

Time will reveal in due course,
Higher power’s unknown morse,
Good karma is the only recourse,
That wise ones emphasize and endorse.


In a bag of emotions,
hope is a potent potion.
Promise of persistence,
Desire for fulfillment of a vision.

An itch, a hankering,
a wish for a miracle,
a last straw, a longing,
a personal pinnacle.

A logic defying craving,
wishes on life’s ascend,
maybe, day dreaming,
or to simply transcend.

Hope can be a deep yearning,
stubbornly defying reasoning,
In rain, wish of sunshine,
blossoming of flower on dry vine.

Pining for good results after a test,
when nerves astray, from east to west,
like a desired end to a thriller,
hope is  both a pillar and a glimmer.

An Old Tree

The tree is bent,
Like a person spent.
Dropping at an angle,
Some branches still dangle.

Do its roots mingle with another?
Making each other stronger.
Or sharing worldly bother.
Like a brother with a brother.

The old tree has some nest(s),
Can still provide shade for rest.
In past, its been through many test,
Tall and leafy-the very best.

Does it think what will happen?
A heavy breeze may leave it shaken,
Will it be cut and its wood taken,
But, it’s not yet broken.

An old man walks under an old tree,
Both seem to say-you and me,
Have been around and seen it all,
Good-bad, zeniths and falls.

Is it time to go?
We don't yet know.
But when the call come(s),
Let us be ready to welcome.

Small Steps

Yesterday I did the prep,
Today I took a few step(s).
Tomorrow I will walk,
Day after I will run and talk.

Growth happens in increments,
Not on commands or sentiments.
We thrive at different place and pace,
Life is no contest or race..

From a seed to sapling to tree,
Germination cannot be rushed,
This is just how it happens to be,
Cannot be pressured, persuaded or pushed.

Everything and everyone has a time to bloom,
There’s no reason for glum and gloom,
Nature dances to its own tune,
Neither late nor soon.