With head bowed and folded hands,
What should I ask the lord of all lands?
Foremost, my gratitude for all your blessings from beginning to encore,
Thanks for your grace, felt beyond story and lore.

Before I ask and plead for more,
Your benevolence is my life’s core.

May I forever remain grateful,
Stay where I can be useful,
Remain humble, hard working and helpful.
In love for one and all-bountiful.

On difficult days, make me more patient,
Help me see and accept life’s salient.

On good days-may I remain composed and calm,
Reminded of your macro blessings as a soothing balm.

Grant me wisdom, courage and discretion,
Let my words and actions be governed by concern and affection.

Life will have all season,
Acceptance without reason,
All troubles, travails and treason,
Can teach precious and everlasting lesson.

I can control only my own action,
No one else’s response or reaction,
I cannot force repulsion or attraction,
Take me away from seeking causation.

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