Emotions & Expressions

Living Twice

What if we get to live twice? Would it feel like a bonus prize? Will we live differently with perspective? Will life be sweeter in retrospective? Second time, I will play, stray and smile more, Will not let petty problems disturb my core, Understand life’s a tapestry of encounters to explore, Some to cherish and … Continue reading Living Twice

Time Machine

Wardrobes don’t just house clothes, They are a time machine that can bring forth, Smiles, laughs and emotions in drove, Some items are a treasure trove, Recently, while rearranging dresses, tops and shorts, I recalled a shopping trip where we bought, A dress for a prom an year, And shoes to match the gear. These … Continue reading Time Machine

Letting Go

I remember as a child losing a favorite toy, Nothing said could bring back the joy. After tears, tenderness and time, I accepted the loss, And learnt a vital lesson of acceptance and moving across. Letting go is a complex art, Attachments are like sweet and sour tart, Detachment is not something for which we … Continue reading Letting Go

Lifelong Companions

Do you wonder about the many emotions, That come and go without proportions. Why do these enter as unsolicited suggestion? Sometimes a scourge and other times a lotion. Emotions are our lifelong companion, Both a champion and a potion, Not easy to control or contain, But slowly we learn to rein. Feelings defy definitions, Exist … Continue reading Lifelong Companions

Puzzle Pieces

Do you like doing a puzzle? An activity of patience and nuzzle. Putting all pieces together is the final prize, The process itself many human qualities aggrandize. Various puzzle pieces appear like life’s varied test, Easy-hard, simple-complex, served at a higher behest, All require different levels of zeal and zest, Slowly one learns where we … Continue reading Puzzle Pieces

Power Source

Every morning and evening I see a sunflower, Turn its head towards its fount of power. Like a flower, we too, need a force, To run to or turn to for our life source. It can be- a higher power, a person, a place or anything, That can bring back the bing. When life gets … Continue reading Power Source

Who Am I?

Someone new asked who are you? Tell me more about you. This question set me thinking, More like deep data linking. I have varied identities, And all are my realities. There’s not one me, But many in me. Working from home has further complicated this equation, Mishmash of tasks, duties and relations, Sometimes within minutes … Continue reading Who Am I?

End of Summer

Another summer coming soon to an end, And a new season just around the bend, Its time to retrospect some old reels, Replay both facts and feels, Varied stages hold different appeal, Some truths slowly simmer and reveal. All actions have some return, Some easy and others stern. Some learnings come with burns. And teach … Continue reading End of Summer

Half Truths

When someone withdrew from you, And changed their focus from thou, It was half truths that got them away, Lack of openness to waylay. Its not always lies, but unshared information, That breaks the fragile bonds of connection. Reactive rather than proactive communication, Is not the hallmark of strong and lasting relation. We have learnt … Continue reading Half Truths


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