Listening to one’s instinct,
Voice within- unique and distinct.
Can help guide in ways succinct.
And help break shackles of mind’s precinct.

Hunches are not easy to recognize and receive,
Only with patience and practice can one believe, 
And slowly begin to experience and perceive.
Bounties unbound that rarely dupe or deceive.

With so many decisions beyond wrong and right,
Leading to confusion and conflict-an inner fight,
Our intuition can help shine a light,
Lessen the load and make our path bright.

How does one hear this esoteric sound?
Channel the voice and receive grace unbound.
That can help one circling round and round,
On actions-reactions, decisions-indecisions, lost and found.

Inculcating this inner voice is a perpetual, deliberate practice,
Do not doubt or ignore it as inconsequential or deceptive.
Beyond logic and reasoning, it exists on a separate plane,
Blessed are those that can visit and revisit this realm and domain.

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