Worthy Wrongs

What's so great about being right?
Wrongs have their own sweet delight.
Errors too are luminous and bright,
Overcoming foibles holds its own might.

Some peccadillos of childhood,
Bring unparalleled smiles in adulthood.
Indiscretions of our youth,
Help us pave roads un smooth.

Our mistakes make us unique,
No life is complete without some risqué.
Since time and life go by brisk,
Let us collect some color and critique.

Many a follies are rarely long lasting,
Like no one suffers from a few days of fasting.

Accepting and moving on from our mistakes,
Is vital to prevent perpetual pains and aches.

Not all flaws are major blunders,
Some just take us a bit asunder.
Risks and rewards go hand in hand,
Rights and wrongs have their distinct edge and stand.

In the end, since all is written in sand,
Let wrongs with rights march together in life’s band.

Since more regrets in life are for acts not done,
Than deeds wrongly done,
Let us take some risks and make some errors,
And not live in wrongdoing terror.

2 thoughts on “Worthy Wrongs

  1. Thanks dear. I enjoyed writing this one and I too spontaneously smiled while recalling some incidents that made me write this poem.

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