Power Source

Morning and evening I see a sunflower,
turn its head towards its fount of power.
Like a flower, we too, need a force,
to run or turn to for our life source.

Belief in a higher power, a person, a place or anything,
Can bring us back from the fringe.
When life gets overwhelming,
we need soothing and calming.

Since dives and drops -big and small,
are not all easy to independently haul,
support and shoulder are essential for all,
to help us rise from life's plunges and fall(s).

With time we realize who’s on our side,
or who’s suggestions we can abide,
there are few, with whom our heart can truly stride,
finding souls to share concerns with, is no easy ride.

Seeking solace in faith, family, friends or book,
dance, music, songs or a special nook,
identifying and nurturing one or more ways,
can still and soothe when nerves run astray.

2 thoughts on “Power Source

  1. Great composition!
    Our souls are the sunflowers seeking the embrace with divine for ultimate bliss and reunion.
    Lt Col Vandana


    1. Thanks dear Lt Col Vandana. Yes the ultimate aim is union with the divine and while we inhabit this earth, having connection with kindred souls to help us on our down days.


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