Puzzle Pieces

Do you like doing a puzzle?
An activity of patience and nuzzle.
Putting all pieces together is the final prize,
The process itself many human qualities aggrandize.

Various puzzle pieces appear like life’s varied test,
Easy-hard, simple-complex, served at a higher behest,
All require different levels of zeal and zest,
Slowly one learns where we need to be the best.

Side pieces seem straightforward and simple,
Giving the puzzle its shape is their main principle,
Then, one can move to a more complex section,
With practice and perseverance one can make traction.

Life too continually throws oddballs our way,
Some we dodge and some we play.
Difficulties cannot be all kept at bay,
But teach us vital life lessons in its sway.

Neither puzzle, nor life is all simple or easy,
Skill and stamina to fit pieces can make us queasy,

Enjoying the process-not just the final reward is the key,
Pleasure of gameplay can vary in degree,
Because success in every move is not a guarantee,
Savoring small victories is a happiness recipe.