Who Am I?

Someone new asked who are you?
Tell me more about you.
This question set me thinking,
More like  deep data linking.

I have varied identities,
And all are my realities.
There’s not one me,
But many in me.

Working from home has further complicated this equation,
Mishmash of tasks, duties and relations,
Sometimes within minutes I have to change roles,
And report with precision like someone on parole.

From work meetings to household chores,
The list miraculously grows evermore,
Everyday seems to be a delicate game of juggle,
I wonder if you also feel this struggle.

Mindset shift from a work problem to one at home,
Makes me feel going against human genome.
Our minds work best when we focus,
Not when we keep shifting our locus.

So to who are you?
Multiple answers are true.
A mother, a daughter, a writer, a sister, 
So many identities are in one me, mister.

Which one would you like to meet?
Each is unique-some a bit more sweet.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I know her, related to her and is extremely fond of her work.
    Her webbing of words is not only unique but straight from the heart.
    Each work of hers., moves me and inspires the woman in me to surge ahead…no matter what.
    I wish her all the best in her writing endeavors.

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    1. Thank you my dear younger sister! 💗 we inspire each other and are each other’s rock!!


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