Who Am I?

Someone new asked who are you?
Tell me more about you.
This question set me thinking,
More like  deep data linking.

I have varied identities,
And all are my realities.
There’s not one me,
But many in me.

Working from home has further complicated this equation,
Mishmash of tasks, duties and relations,
Sometimes within minutes I have to change roles,
And report with precision like someone on parole.

From work meetings to household chores,
The list miraculously grows evermore,
Everyday seems to be a delicate game of juggle,
I wonder if you also feel this struggle.

Mindset shift from a work problem to one at home,
Makes me feel going against human genome.
Our minds work best when we focus,
Not when we keep shifting our locus.

So to who are you?
Multiple answers are true.
A mother, a daughter, a writer, a sister, 
So many identities are in one me, mister.

Which one would you like to meet?
Each is unique-some a bit more sweet.


Give and take of concerns with compassion,
Thoughtful and reassuring human interaction,
Verbal and non verbal exchanges that go beyond convention,
And feel like genuine care and affection.

Far from pretense and affectation,
Not forced, but a free flow of empathy and emotion.
Means and method of authentic attention.
Make a true and deep connection.

Conversations that can heal hearts and affliction,
Take you away from small and large tribulation.
Flow freely like effortless action and reaction,
Are my favorite kinds of conversation.

Chats that don’t seem like an interrogation,
But come from a place of intrinsic motivation,
Of real mutual likeness and resolution,
Leave all in a state of true satiation.

Talks that are not just word transaction.
Or a trade of mere facts and information.
But convey camaraderie and association.
Have a making of a good discussion.

A tete a tete that is beyond social niceties and notion,
With a friend, neighbor, acquaintance or relation,
Done with active listening, interest and intention.
Brings solace, smiles and satisfaction.