Sitting with Thoughts

What did you do today?
I sat with my thoughts.
My inquirer asks-“what?”
Followed by a sly smile and naught.

Some ask- how can you love to be with yourself?
I wonder-why is it tough to be with oneself?
My thoughts are great company.
Take me on old and new journey.

Is it unusual to enjoy company with self,
Undisturbed like a book on a shelf,
Thoughts can take you on unique trip(s),
To destinations that quickly flip.

What makes us seek continuous new stimulation?
Are new apps, games and devices - a real solution?
Or just a digital addiction-
Taking us away from pure imagination.

Undistracted thinking is a rare treasure,
As so many distractions promise pleasure,
But, reminiscing ideas at leisure,
Is without measure.


Thanks for this life,
For all that has been rife,
Thanks for the lessons,
Without them, I would not be this person.

Feeling gratitude is not tough,
Once we look beyond the rough.
Roses too come with thorn,
Challenges in life are to be borne,

Some days will be fast, others-slow,
Some bring contentment, others not so.
Life teaches to take all in stride,
And stand tall in high and low tide.

Life is a miracle,
Cherish it as a spectacle,
Experiences are to savor,
Like foods with different flavor.

Judgements incite unrest,
Abstaining works best,
Live and let live is the way,
Leading to peace, harmony and hay.

Sibling Bond

Sibling bond is special and unique,
With shared history of pleasure and pique,
Though relations mould with time,
Fond remembrances remain of when it was prime.

So many memories of pranks and play,
That I can recall today on your birthday,
Hiding grades from parents is just one,
Shared secrets of mischiefs are in ton.

Many incidents bring a chuckle to my face,
Those lazy summer days to brace,
When time moved at a slow pace,
Disagreements were rampant on people and place,

You were both my foe and friend,
Despite arguments that happened to no end,
Our common defense against parents,
Was like gutsy soldiers standing up against mighty tyrants.

There were no phones to give us company,
Our tech free childhood is our shared journey,
With board games, talks and an occasional outing,
We kept busy with outdoor play without parental scouting.

As we grow and have new relations in our fold,
Hope new bring you as much joy as old!

Walking With Mom

Going for a walk with my mom was not easy,
Frequent stops of hellos would make me dizzy,
I wondered why she would smile at so many,
Time is also a precious penny.

Now I understand why she stopped to greet,
For many, her smile and hello  was their daily treat.
She understood-old age is lonely and hard,
Not many halt to say hello in the yard.

Now, I understand why she was perky and patient,
My perspectives on life were naive and nascent,
Sharing concerns are what make us humane,
Though, chides during youth were in vain.

Now, I understand, life is more than a series of chore(s),
I too, one day, will be old with a reputation to ramble and bore,
Narrate old tales, health troubles, and older lore,
Others too will be interested in other things more.

I too will wish someone would stop and talk,
Smile and greet and ask me about my walk.
I too will wish someone would not be in a hurry,
Stop, smile, small-talk and not want to escape and scurry.

Trapeze Artist

Balance in life is a tease,
Not practiced with ease,
Since we like routines that please,
Over stretching to the point of disease.

Equilibrium is the art of a trapeze artist,
Trying, falling, and retrying the circuit,
One can see- it’s not easy to travel this orbit,
Balancing our heads and hearts is the hardest,

Destination for all is the rope’s end,
Till fate says your time is spend,
And no more remains to lend,
This balance is a dance with myriad twists and bend.

While new experiences enrich,
Slowing and savoring  has its own precious niche.

I cherish my alone time,
And also enjoy company sometime,
Sharing experiences are precious dime,
But being with one’s thoughts is sublime.


The bench an a park has a dedication,
Installed in memory of a loved relation.
Honoring departed ones are an age old tradition,
Motivation can vary-a connection, a perpetuation.

Relations do not end with passing of a person,
Sometimes, it can even stir deep latent emotion,
Propelling new work and  action,
To carry on a loved one's legacy- a passion.

Love transcends our time on earth,
Is death just a change of home and hearth?
Anything that gives those living a solace- a berth,
Is worthwhile in its inception without dearth.

This pouring of love can also become a mission.
Death does not have to be a conclusion,
It can be be a succession,
Of deeds, values and learnings in continuation.

Makes me wonder-what do I want my legacy to be?
After its fall, does it matter how tall or short was a tree?
Why should anything matter when one cannot sense or see?
Is a structure, a memorial or a cause, for me?

Not a memorial, but, let love and laughter be my legacy,
After I pass-may you remember me with glee,
Not as a serious and sanguine person,
But someone who's could bring a smile to your face without reason.


Decisions in life determine destiny,
Choices galore with and without ceremony.

From simple yes or no; 
To complex stop or go.
Like a fork on a boulevard,
But without a google map to guard.

Some use logic, reason and experiences to decide,
For others, its their heart’s desire that they bide.
Some can carve  a balance,
For others its one stance.

Decisions occupy so much mental space,
Make our head and heart race.

I wonder what life would be without needing to decide?
To flow freely without decisions to make and bide.

A carefree existence,
Without decisions encumbrance.

With having nothing to confide or decide,
But to let life flow freely as an ocean tide.

Will that be a simple life?
Bereft of all cares and strife.
I wonder.

Daughter’s Dilemma

Teen daughter recently said, your writing is sanguine but serious,
She suggested, I write something simple and spontaneous,
Not didactic, yet delicious,
Preferably funny and humorous.

I promised to try.
But mostly to get by.
She has given me a task tough,
As if my writing is not enough.

Our children are our biggest critic,
Some say, they, us mimic.
I think they develop their uniqueness,
In some traits we might see likeness,

In others, clear individualistic starkness,
But surely, unabashed perkiness.
Our dear children that we have had the privilege to rear,
Soon become harbingers of new ideas from far and near.

Not on everything do we see eye to eye,
But fresh perspectives open new doors by and by.

In Between

From the texts that teach,
To the men that preach,
Faith lies in between.
From fervent declarations of love,
To blood thirsty hate,
Control like a trapeze artist balances in between.
From zenith of joy and happiness,
To depths of despair and sadness,
Equanimity satisfies in between.
From playful, carefree childhood,
To pensive, responsibilities filled adulthood,
Life is to be savored in between.
From quiet contemplation,
To intense discussions,
Wisdom searches a niche in between.
From passions that overcome obstacles,
To indifference leading to humdrum,
Vast majority live in between.
From follies and frivolities of youth,
To sagacity of the golden years,
Moments and memories of life are lived and made in between

Citizens of our Minds

Beyond towns, cities and nations,
We are all citizens of our minds.
Where we live, imagine, speculate & interpret,
Words, gestures, actions and reactions.

We visit our mind’s rooms often,
For the what’s, why’s, when’s and how’s of our lives.
Positive thoughts are fleeting, but negative ones flow easier.
Do you wonder why?

An unkind word can hurt for long,
An unthinking action can sting strong.
Wounds by loved ones are the worst,
Unreciprocated love troubles most.

No easy solution or remedy of sorts.
Thoughts are an uncontrollable lot.
How can I train my mind?
Not to be troubled with thoughts unkind.

Some say meditate,
Others say act.
Still others suggest ignore.
Do not speculate and store.

All are noble suggestions,
Key is to turn them into actions.
Uncontrollable mind is the worst master,
Giving to its ways, can lead to disaster.

A hold on one’s thoughts, is the biggest victory.
Can change course of history,
And our body’s chemistry.

Above all and beyond,
A controllable mind,
Can lead to a higher ground.
Above sight, sense and sound.

Not easy, but a worthy goal.
When thoughts don’t stir.
But come and go without power.
Staying for a bit, but not too long.
Keeping one in charge and strong.