Have you found solace in a book?
On its pages, found a familiar memory, or a new hook?
Have some writings, seemed like a road that you missed or took?
Have some words given a recurring issue, a fresh look?
I find a good book to be a trusted friend, philosopher and guide,
Not easy to find, but a precious treasure by my side.
Lessons or teachings are not always easy to abide,
But, propel me to think deeper, or take a different stride.
Books can take you to familiar and new places,
Open known and unknown doors and spaces.
Make you wonder at varying paces,
And help you with life’s multiple mazes.
I find reading to be meditative,
Reassuring and restorative.
Helps me see perspective and prerogative,
Behind actions and reactions, beyond causative.
Recommendations from others are good,
But like art, for a book to be truly understood,
Depends on your mindset and mood,
Some learnings are easy, while others are only found under the hood.

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