Children in the Park

Children in a park,
Are a happiness spark,
Seeing them walk, wander or wonder
Lift up spirits from down under.

Happiness at the kick of a ball,
Runs from one to the next stall.
Amidst a few caution call,
And some small brawl.

Giggles on a swing,
Or sand drawing of a ring,
Exploration of everything,
Or sitting doing nothing.

All the little action and reaction,
And the following exhaustion,
Are a sight in exhilaration,
Bringing joy and jubilation.

Little ones grow too fast,
Soon this time will be past,
Free play is the best to hast,
of sweet memories that last.

Time Machine

Wardrobes don’t just house clothes,
They are a time machine that can bring forth,
Smiles, laughs and emotions in drove,
Some items are a treasure trove,

Recently, while rearranging dresses, tops and shorts,
I  recalled a shopping trip where we bought,
A dress for a prom an year,
And shoes to match the gear.

These reminiscences are not unique in their plot,
Yet, lived differently for each parent and tot.

A red coat that we together got,
Hangs in my closet with the lot,
Celebrated its 10th without a spot,
My teen had said-“this looks hot",

A deluge of memories of worn and wear,
Even amidst some torn and tear,
Makes ordinariness of life- special and dear,
And in hindsight without a peer.

So if you wonder, "does time truly fly?"
Isn’t it a relative phenomenon that goes by,
Open a drawer, a closet or a chest,
A find might open a memory door-the very best.


Inter generational conversations are an art,
Topics and exchanges are a discrete craft.
Older folks have a tendency to get preachy,
Younger ones loathe anything that too teachy.

Good conversationists find a middle ground,
To keep chats going around,
Is give and take necessary in every round?
For all to feel valued, without feeling bound.

One learns, good talks start with trust,
And are carried forth with shared interest(s).
Cemented with understanding multiple pretext(s),
And honoring mutual context(s).

Interactive dance of experience and youth,
Can flow like a well rehearsed tango-clean and smooth,
And the dialogues can really calm and soothe
If effort is made and honored with courtesy and couth,

Topics and talks mould as children and parents grow,
Conversations are a boat that all have to together row,
Good-bad, pedantic.didactic, comic-tragic with high-low,
Beautiful moments and memories emerge from this flow. 


Pure, unadulterated silence of early morning is mesmerizing.
The quiet all around is energizing.

My prayers are uninterrupted.
Observations of my surroundings-undisrupted
I can feel more keenly.
Sip my chai serenely.

Sun will soon rise without a din.
Sounds and sights of the day will begin.
Chirps of birds will fill the air.
And morning will be announced with flair.

Soon, my home too will wake.
One by one, the members will rise and shake.
Quiet kitchen will stir and take,
A new avatar- a fresh make.

Appetizing aroma will announce a bake.
My gals might wonder- is it muffin, bread or pancake.
Morning tea will flow.
Several times in a row.

Outside, an early riser might mow.
Another one may tow or stow.

Humdrum of the day will start.
Nothing new, yet an art.
To feel and appreciate with a full heart
Gratitude towards life-gifts and darts.

Teacher and Learner

Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin.
Stitched with the same loin.
A good teacher is a life-long learner,
An attentive listener, a caring, daring dreamer.

Good teachers can invoke love of learning,
Great ones incite a quench, a subject’s yearning.
Solidify foundations and roots,
Without fanfare or toots.

My mother, my first teacher, begun my learning journey with love and tending,
Her precious life lessons are never ending.
The world and its people continue this sojourn with good and bad blending.
Lessons are available at life’s myriad turns and bending.

Learning and unlearning everyday drills to life principles,
Formally or informally we are all disciples,

An open and unfixed mind,
Helps us absorb ideas and views of varied kind.

In the travels of life,
Teachings and teachers are rich and rife,
At every corner and turn,
There are new truths to learn and others to unlearn.

Lessons of life-big and small,
Are open to one and all.
Everyone has something to teach and something to learn,
The desire to observe and absorb should burn.

With humility if we approach,
No situation is above broach.

Three to Thirteen

I closed my eyes and when I opened,
My daughter grew from three to thirteen.
When did my chirpy child, turn into a wily teen?
Where did time fly?
Between school and swimming classes,
Time went by!
Between bakes and cakes,
And visits to lakes,
Time went by!
From laughs and jabs,
To unending questions and gabs,
Time went by!
Between everyday happenings,
To special occasions,
Time went by!
She outgrew her clothes and shoes,
I grew some grays.
She begun closing her bedroom door,
I tried more with old tales and lores.
Her books changed and my eye glasses.
She changed her manner and style.
I now take longer for my mile.
She giggles more with friends.
I have to accept life’s bends.
Time goes by. 
Life goes by.

Parent and Child

As our children grow,
One wishes time would slow.
Yet, like a river, in a rapid flow,
Time takes no holiday to halt or know.

To its wishes we can just bow,
Memories and moments are all we can stow.
As parents, we slowly learn to let go,
Though, this field is not easy to plow.

Since no one can slow or cease time,
And cannot buy or barter with precious dime.
One learns-every day is prime,
The unknowns are too sublime.

Every year, as the candles on the cakes rise,
And milestones mold and surprise,
I flashback from infancy to toddlers to teens and more,
Years have had pleasures and pains, like any story and lore.

Since many events are without a reason or rhyme,
Happiness is not for another season or clime.
Here and now is the only time,
Before the game ends in grime.