Inter generational conversations are an art,
Topics and exchanges are a discrete craft.
Older folks have a tendency to get preachy,
Younger ones loathe anything that too teachy.

Good conversationists find a middle ground,
To keep chats going around,
Is give and take necessary in every round?
For all to feel valued, without feeling bound.

One learns, good talks start with trust,
And are carried forth with shared interest(s).
Cemented with understanding multiple pretext(s),
And honoring mutual context(s).

Interactive dance of experience and youth,
Can flow like a well rehearsed tango-clean and smooth,
And the dialogues can really calm and soothe
If effort is made and honored with courtesy and couth,

Topics and talks mould as children and parents grow,
Conversations are a boat that all have to together row,
Good-bad, pedantic.didactic, comic-tragic with high-low,
Beautiful moments and memories emerge from this flow. 


Give and take of concerns with compassion,
Thoughtful and reassuring human interaction,
Verbal and non verbal exchanges that go beyond convention,
And feel like genuine care and affection.

Far from pretense and affectation,
Not forced, but a free flow of empathy and emotion.
Means and method of authentic attention.
Make a true and deep connection.

Conversations that can heal hearts and affliction,
Take you away from small and large tribulation.
Flow freely like effortless action and reaction,
Are my favorite kinds of conversation.

Chats that don’t seem like an interrogation,
But come from a place of intrinsic motivation,
Of real mutual likeness and resolution,
Leave all in a state of true satiation.

Talks that are not just word transaction.
Or a trade of mere facts and information.
But convey camaraderie and association.
Have a making of a good discussion.

A tete a tete that is beyond social niceties and notion,
With a friend, neighbor, acquaintance or relation,
Done with active listening, interest and intention.
Brings solace, smiles and satisfaction.


Words-hurt and heal.
Sting and soothe.
Make friends and foes.
Help us, step on and miss some toes.

Words can stir storms and shakes,
Can sometimes be more harmful than earthquakes.
Cut sharper than a rake.
Can both mar and make.

Wait to speak, wise ones say,
Yet, our tongues regularly lash astray.
Then make us wonder or regret-we might and may,
With patience, have halted some battles of yesterday.

Why are we not more careful with words?
Why do we let them be our lords?

Beacuse, its easier to say, tougher to restrain,
Easier to reply, difficult to reign.
Easier to settle scores,
Tougher to ignore and calm maintain.

Beyond words, shouldn’t actions be the real ticket to a meal?
Words can never fully reveal,
Anyone’s intent, purpose, promise or deal.
Aren’t actions a relationship’s true seal?

Words are easy, yet not everyone’s cup of tea.
Deeds convey the true character of you and me.

Beyond words, seek intent.
To find what is really meant,
Not merely what’s said.
But what’s left unsaid.

Trust-neither sugar coated word streams,
Nor shouts and steams,
But deeds that subtly light and beam-
Real human character beyond wordy dreams.