Teacher and Learner

Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin.
Stitched with the same loin.
A good teacher is a life-long learner,
An attentive listener, a caring, daring dreamer.

Good teachers can invoke love of learning,
Great ones incite a quench, a subject’s yearning.
Solidify foundations and roots,
Without fanfare or toots.

My mother, my first teacher, begun my learning journey with love and tending,
Her precious life lessons are never ending.
The world and its people continue this sojourn with good and bad blending.
Lessons are available at life’s myriad turns and bending.

Learning and unlearning everyday drills to life principles,
Formally or informally we are all disciples,

An open and unfixed mind,
Helps us absorb ideas and views of varied kind.

In the travels of life,
Teachings and teachers are rich and rife,
At every corner and turn,
There are new truths to learn and others to unlearn.

Lessons of life-big and small,
Are open to one and all.
Everyone has something to teach and something to learn,
The desire to observe and absorb should burn.

With humility if we approach,
No situation is above broach.

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