Three to Thirteen

I closed my eyes and when I opened,
My daughter grew from three to thirteen.
When did my chirpy child, turn into a wily teen?
Where did time fly?
Between school and swimming classes,
Time went by!
Between bakes and cakes,
And visits to lakes,
Time went by!
From laughs and jabs,
To unending questions and gabs,
Time went by!
Between everyday happenings,
To special occasions,
Time went by!
She outgrew her clothes and shoes,
I grew some grays.
She begun closing her bedroom door,
I tried more with old tales and lores.
Her books changed and my eye glasses.
She changed her manner and style.
I now take longer for my mile.
She giggles more with friends.
I have to accept life’s bends.
Time goes by. 
Life goes by.

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