Letting Go

I remember as a child losing a favorite toy,
Nothing said could bring back the joy.
After tears, tenderness and time, I accepted the loss,
And learnt a lesson of acceptance and moving across.

Letting go is a complex art,
Attachments are like sweet and sour tart,
Detachment is not something for which we have a draft,
Yet, life and living demands that we embrace this craft.

Though generations before us have walked this path,
Yet, each individual is on one’s own swath.
Slowly we learn not all lost can be restored,
Sadness and sorrow have also to be endured.

Loosening chords can cut sharper than a knife,
Yet, holding on is against the natural order of life.
Since losses in life are rampant and rife,
It does not help to put up a strife.

The sojourn of acceptance,
Is not bereft of inner agitation,
Can challenge many a disposition,
But leads to affirmation and personal evolution.

4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. So true….each word is worth a complete message.
    I remember when massrjee took us children to India Gate for a post dinner ice cream, and we bought the halogen balloons,
    A tender string getting severed took the balloon away and was a grave loss…….no words to express the grief but the letting go lesson was learn’t.
    Your emotive balloon brought so many memories back.
    Once again a lovely account, life indeed is a bundle of bundling up and letting go.
    Lt col Vandana


    1. Thanks dear Vandana 🙂 I am also learning that despite our instinct to protect, its best for children to learn these vital life lessons via every day experiences too.


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