White Beauty

White blanket has enveloped everything,
Hills, ground, trees, roofs of building(s),
Pristine white is a beauty to behold,
Nature’s wonders in the chill and cold.

Seeing the snow fall,
Is like speaking in a drawl,
Leaves me in thrall,
Of nature’s bounty above all.

The breathtaking milieu appeals silently,
Bestowing gifts abundantly,
Revealing power of stopping,
Seeing, sensing and slowing.

New soft snow that gradually lands,
Feels like cold cotton balls in my hands.
Snow ball fights and sledding downhill,
Makes memories of unmatched thrill.

Each season’s bounties are unique,
Cherishing them without critique,
Let’s me appreciate our planet’s blessing,
And nature’s seasonal dressing.

Not Flaunting or Faulting

On a walk along the tree lined path,
Strewn with leaves, not yet swath,
A relaxing sight for my sore eyes,
Amidst nature’s bounty, peace abides.

I wish we could exist like leaves,
Not flaunting or faulting principles or beliefs,
Yet, co existing in harmony,
Photosynthesizing, without ceremony.

Old ones giving way to new,
Circle of life in full view.
All hues of green and brown on trees and ground,
Each has a role to play and then to earth is bound.

Cycle of youth and old,
Like seasons hot and cold.
Is nature’s way in every fold,
Continuity of life is gold,

Leaves cannot discuss right and wrong,
Or the multitude of perspective and prong,
Harmonious existence-short or long,
Is its way-subtle, spontaneous and strong!

New Day

Eagerly awaiting the dawn of a new day,
When fear of the disease is at bay.
No more helplessly watching an invisible enemy,
Destroy lives, livelihoods and communities.

This long running calamity has taught a lot in its wake.
Nature is fragile, not a guarantee, a take.
Its time to return to a simpler life.
No more an issue of debates or strife.

Enough's been deliberated, debated and said.
Out earth is hurt-needs a med.
Reckless ways have to cease.
To prevent known and unknown disease.

If you ask-what can I do?
Consciously seek and find.
Small and big ways to be sustainable and kind.

With our combined efforts,
A new way of living can emerge.
Our thoughts, policies and practices have to merge.

This much we owe to our future generations-
A livable planet.

Not divided by nations, notions or stations.
But united by our shared concerns and compassion.
For our earth and generations.


You gave me faculty.
Bestowed me with ability.
Showered me with agility and hopefully humility.
Never doubted your existence,
Have time and again experienced your benevolence.
In happiness, despair and despondence,
You have blessed with grace and radiance.
You have helped me persevere,
Look, listen, learn and revere.
You were there to guide and steer.
Whenever life felt difficult to bear.
I don’t seek you in a church, mosque or temple,
Your presence all around is ample.
I see you in tree, shrub, bird and sea,
In kindness, cheer, care and camaraderie.
I hear you in a bird’s chirp and song,
In miracles-weak and strong.
In days -short and long.
While not judging- right from wrong.


The vast, expansive ocean again amazes me,
Every time I look, there’s a feeling of awe and glee.
The large and small waves come and go flawlessly,
Creator’s benevolence on our planet can be experienced peerlessly.

The sights and sounds are beyond soothing,
Just a few minutes in its presence removes all foreboding.
The surrounding cliffs of varied shapes and sizes are marvelous,
A testimony to the variety in nature’s canvass.

Oceanside birds, flowers shrubs and tree,
Of myriad color, contour and curve add to my reverie.
All flora and fauna exists in perfect harmony,
Enhancing the landscape’s beauty without ceremony.

The whales in the ocean continuously migrate,
Movement ensures survival, without stagnate.
Anticipation of their sighting gives us a cause to stare,
The regal creatures continue their sojourns, oblivious of fanfare.

Many seabirds announce their presence by hovering above,
The spellbinding sights are a treasure trove.
The unparalleled beauty in nature is apparent,
Recognizing our minusculity in this vastness is transparent.

Our Earth

There’s one earth to protect and preserve,
The riches it offers are pertinent to conserve.
Our world needs holistic actions that include all,
To solve environmental issues-big and small.

Our forests, oceans, rivers and lakes are in grave danger,
We cannot ignore this devastation and act like a stranger.
Our progress might look unassociated,
But, our paths on this life’s journey are related,

More connects us, then separates us.
Hope this common bond can save our earth and us.

Too long have we lived a life of me and mine,
Leading to an imaginary separating line,
Between nations, states, religions and all else we consider prime,
Forgetting that we are all earth dwellers-a fact,  supreme and sublime.

Saving our fragile earth needs local and global actions and inclusion,
Policies and practices that do not promote seclusion.

Future of our generations is at stake,
It is no longer a problem that tomorrow can care take.