Our Earth

There’s one earth to protect and preserve,
The riches it offers are pertinent to conserve.
Our world needs holistic actions that include all,
To solve environmental issues-big and small.

Our forests, oceans, rivers and lakes are in grave danger,
We cannot ignore this devastation and act like a stranger.
Our progress might look unassociated,
But, our paths on this life’s journey are related,

More connects us, then separates us.
Hope this common bond can save our earth and us.

Too long have we lived a life of me and mine,
Leading to an imaginary separating line,
Between nations, states, religions and all else we consider prime,
Forgetting that we are all earth dwellers-a fact,  supreme and sublime.

Saving our fragile earth needs local and global actions and inclusion,
Policies and practices that do not promote seclusion.

Future of our generations is at stake,
It is no longer a problem that tomorrow can care take.