New Day

Eagerly awaiting the dawn of a new day,
When fear of the disease is at bay.
No more helplessly watching an invisible enemy,
Destroy lives, livelihoods and communities.

This long running calamity has taught a lot in its wake.
Nature is fragile, not a guarantee, a take.
Its time to return to a simpler life.
No more an issue of debates or strife.

Enough's been deliberated, debated and said.
Out earth is hurt-needs a med.
Reckless ways have to cease.
To prevent known and unknown disease.

If you ask-what can I do?
Consciously seek and find.
Small and big ways to be sustainable and kind.

With our combined efforts,
A new way of living can emerge.
Our thoughts, policies and practices have to merge.

This much we owe to our future generations-
A livable planet.

Not divided by nations, notions or stations.
But united by our shared concerns and compassion.
For our earth and generations.

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