Small Steps

Yesterday I did the prep,
Today I took a few step(s).
Tomorrow I will walk,
Day after I will run and talk.

Growth happens in increments,
Not on commands or sentiments.
We thrive at different place and pace,
Life is no contest or race..

From a seed to sapling to tree,
Germination cannot be rushed,
This is just how it happens to be,
Cannot be pressured, persuaded or pushed.

Everything and everyone has a time to bloom,
There’s no reason for glum and gloom,
Nature dances to its own tune,
Neither late nor soon.

Not Flaunting or Faulting

On a walk along the tree lined path,
Strewn with leaves, not yet swath,
A relaxing sight for my sore eyes,
Amidst nature’s bounty, peace abides.

I wish we could exist like leaves,
Not flaunting or faulting principles or beliefs,
Yet, co existing in harmony,
Photosynthesizing, without ceremony.

Old ones giving way to new,
Circle of life in full view.
All hues of green and brown on trees and ground,
Each has a role to play and then to earth is bound.

Cycle of youth and old,
Like seasons hot and cold.
Is nature’s way in every fold,
Continuity of life is gold,

Leaves cannot discuss right and wrong,
Or the multitude of perspective and prong,
Harmonious existence-short or long,
Is its way-subtle, spontaneous and strong!

Uphill and Downhill

Life and hill are uphill and downhill,
Duality exists in both these drill,
And has to be faced in this mill,
No one escapes this grueling and grill.

On a hill and life, you’ll meet people of varied crop,
Some will not stop, till they reach the top.
Others, will savor the scene,
The sights, the sounds, the smells pristine.

Some prefer to go alone,
Remain in their zone,
With practice and persistence, their skills hone,
For higher hills and zeniths unknown.

Some will smile at strangers,
Some seem wary of known and unknown dangers.
Some wait for others to catch up,
Some like to only match up.

Some like to speed to the peak,
Don’t let distractions sneak.
Others carry bag,
Halt midway or even lag.

Same hill, 
Different still.
Same destination,
Journeys in variation.

Life, like a hill has so many ways,
Everyone to their own tune sways.
No one method is sublime.
People move to different rhythm and rhyme.

Nature’s Teachings

Early morning when I sit with my chai,
The bird outside seems to say hi!
I wonder if its asking me-how was your night?
Did you sleep well- cosy and tight?

Thank you dear birdie for your chirpy care,
These little gestures are precious fare.
Consistent thoughtful actions are a relationship glue,
A balm, a cool breeze that can drive away the blue(s).

Nature has so much to teach,
It does not lecture or preach,
Can seamlessly our heart reach,
And appeal uniquely to each.

The tall trees remain grounded,
Longevity dependent on deep roots and with what they are surrounded.
All can take shelter and rest,
Yet, no egos to claim superiority are on test.

The water in oceans and lakes is also in flow,
Unconcerned with creatures that come and go.
The principle is mutual harmony,
Not claims, strifes or acrimony.