Knock a door, Ring a Bell!

Knock a door, ring a bell.
Open your shell.
Life’s sojourn is easier when you share.
Find and seek souls that care.

Beyond frivolities and niceties
Share true concerns, above trivialities.
No life is untouched by tragedies.
Sharing concerns help relieve maladies.

Time with friends can be a therapy,
Perspectives help us gain empathy.
Path of life is easier without disdain.
Everyone can give and gain.

We are on this journey together,
Share your cares when you gather.

Connections are precious, above all.
Sharing turns big sorrows- small.
Both carer and cared gain,
Be a giver and a taker without restrain.

Reach out and extend a hand.
Don’t just passively stand.
Help someone with their burden and bother.
Jointly make the pains smother.

Bringing joy to another
Takes us further.

5 thoughts on “Knock a door, Ring a Bell!

    1. Thanks Dear Pragalbha. these last 2 years have enhanced the need for awareness and reaching out for emotional and mental health needs of all. Prolonged isolation can be detrimental to holistic well being.

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  1. A poem which is very fascinating. The way u describe journey of the life is very beautiful .The poem gives us a lesson to help others or to share their burden . I love the poem.

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