Expectations can weigh heavy,
Are they human life’s levy?

Aren’t expectations pertinent for progress to be had?
Not all can be ugly or bad.

Expectations from self are the best,
One is both a student and a teacher in a test.
Fulfilling one’s goals or dreams above rest.
Can feel like reaching the crest.

But unrestrained expectations from others are a blight,
Living continually on else's terms can dim an inner light.
Restricting others to toe your line is never right,
Each dream can be special and bright.

While no relationships are bereft of assumptions,
And all life constitutes silent and stark requisitions,
Yet, limits are essential to setting and meeting expectations,
So as not to feel encumbered or crushed under postulations.

How does one break these shackles and chains?
And keep them from causing undue anxiety or pain.
Many an expectation fracture relationships in vain.
Unsaid or unrealistic ones cause utter disdain.

Its not important to make all happy,
Better to be a bad original, than a copy.
Be bold and courageous to say some no.
Life requires a break from status quo.

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