Uphill and Downhill

Life and hill are uphill and downhill,
Duality exists in both these drill,
And has to be faced in this mill,
No one escapes this grueling and grill.

On a hill and life, you’ll meet people of varied crop,
Some will not stop, till they reach the top.
Others, will savor the scene,
The sights, the sounds, the smells pristine.

Some prefer to go alone,
Remain in their zone,
With practice and persistence, their skills hone,
For higher hills and zeniths unknown.

Some will smile at strangers,
Some seem wary of known and unknown dangers.
Some wait for others to catch up,
Some like to only match up.

Some like to speed to the peak,
Don’t let distractions sneak.
Others carry bag,
Halt midway or even lag.

Same hill, 
Different still.
Same destination,
Journeys in variation.

Life, like a hill has so many ways,
Everyone to their own tune sways.
No one method is sublime.
People move to different rhythm and rhyme.

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