Life’s on a Lease

Rhythm & Rhyme

As humans, we are tuned to be restless, Momentarily grateful, but mostly thankless. Holding on to myths and beliefs that are baseless. Falling prey to harmful anxiety and stress that is faceless. Its human nature to aim higher than before, Since status quo can quickly bore. Partaking in a perpetual race is in our core. Reaching and looking for more is our life’s lore. Seeking is good, helps us explore, Thinking about new ways and ideas to soar. Our faculties are to be used, not store. Many issues need our energies to pore. But endless desires can tire, Halting is essential to rekindle the fire. Reflecting on personal purpose helps rejuvenate, Persist and participate or pivot and re evaluate. Its vital to deliberately stop and cease, Give our hearts and minds some needed ease, Prevent our bodies to be burdened with burnout and disease, Life after all is on a…

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