Inner Chatter

Our silent yet strong inner chatter,
Thousands of thoughts from near and scatter.
Many of which don’t really matter,
Can make the brain a tatter.
I can empathize and understand,
When someone claims, “I am my best friend.”
Self suggestion’s a great tool to repair and mend,
Large wounds and small bend.
Pausing negativity can help redirect energies to positive shore,
Discern what the brain shouldn’t store,
Separate facts from feelings galore,
And with so, so much more.
A true friend helps show myriad perspective,
On our own, we can get repetitive,
Mind flourishes with varied elective,
And life’s happier on accepting eclectic.
Self help is vital to reach some ends,
Time alone and together can beautifully blend,
Complementing the two as a practice to trend,
Makes life richer without pretense and pretend.

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