Some say a marriage is all about compromise,
Successful ones require a lot of sacrifice.
How is success defined and at what price?
Is there a meter to measure or a number on a dice?

No easy escapes around these queries,
That have been ongoing for centuries.
Like an individual, each union is unique in degrees.
Each couple surviving or thriving finds their potpourri.

No one principle or preamble works for all,
Living, working and nurturing together are a tough call.
Though one of the oldest institutions of human wherewithal,
Yet, not without its perils and pitfalls.

Is I to be surrendered on this altar of we,
In this union is there a place for me?
In an us, one can never forget me,
Only with a happy me, can there be a happy we.

4 thoughts on “Marriage

    1. Thanks Vasanta. This one has touched so many heart strings that I am still being pinged by friends separately on shared experiences and emotions. 🙂 I am glad to have stuck a chord.


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