Various and precious roles in life.
Mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife.
Sometimes I grapple, how to juggle?
Some days seem a struggle.

All roles are dear and I wish to tend,
But time and energy are finite in the end,
Some I see seamlessly roles blend.
No easy way for me to navigate this curvaceous bend.

Which amongst my various roles should I prioritize?
How should I categorize?
Not let one act monopolize.
It’s a balancing game to play and strategize.

From none do I want to flee.
Each role is nourishing and dear to me.
Some days I can efficiently manage, like a busy bee,

On others, in my own sweet solitude I find absolute glee.
Some roles pull me in opposite way(s),
Balancing priorities is not an easy play.
What price am I ready to pay?
All relations need time, attention and energy to sway.

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