New Year Resolutions

Come new year and we think about new resolutions,
Conveniently forgetting last year’s dessolutions.
Unfulfilled promises made quietly or with elocution.
And in rare cases, leading to true and lasting evolution.

Why are pledges easy to make,
But easier to break?
Words are simple to say and fake,
True test via deeds is no piece of cake.

Human mind is an unruly beast,
Not easy to tame in the least,
Thoughts come and go from north, south, west and east.
Delay of difficult feats is a tempting feast.

How does one keep a vow?
Not let the temptations make one cow.
Each one has to seek a stimulus that works,
Different devices open different corks.

Like everyone picks and prunes,
I like to dance to creative tunes,
Not that to feelings or fancies am I immune.
Some days seem easy and others a high dune.

With focus, my muse finds a way,
And pours out to prance and play,
I pray for these blessings to stay,
My cup overflows with love from near and far away. 

Wishing you all a very happy New Year’s Day!!

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