Sitting with Thoughts

What did you do today?
I sat with my thoughts.
My inquirer asks-“what?”
Then, a sly smile and naught.

Some ask- how can you love to be with yourself?
I wonder-why is it tough to be with oneself?
My thoughts are great company.
Take me on old and new journey.

Is it unusual to enjoy company of self,
Undisturbed like a book on a shelf,
Thoughts can take you on unique trip(s),
To destinations that quickly flip.

What makes us seek continuous new stimulation?
Are new apps, games and devices - a real solution?
Or just a digital addiction-
Taking us away from pure imagination.

When newer stimulations promise pleasure,
Undistracted thinking is a rare treasure,
Reminiscing ideas at leisure,
Is without measure.

Lifelong Companions

Do you wonder about the many emotions,
That come and go without proportions.
Why do these enter as unsolicited suggestion?
Sometimes a scourge and other times a lotion.

Emotions are our lifelong companion,
Both a champion and a potion,
Not easy to control or contain,
But slowly we learn to rein.

Feelings defy definitions,
Exist as their own measure and permutations.
Some are temporary and transient,
While others are incessant and persistent.

Is all love fleeting?
Like a cursory social greeting.
And does this feeling,
Exist without a ceiling?

Some say love is not meant to be reciprocal,
But it’s definitely equivocal.
Mutuality in emotions is not a necessity,
But with it, feelings bloom with intensity and without scarcity.


How do you quantify care?
How do you compute dare?
How much is enough for prayer?
How happy is a lair?
Feelings don’t have a measure,
These exist at their leisure,
Can bring boundless pain or pleasure,
Can be a burden or a treasure.
Dualities in life are imperative,
Happiness and sadness are relative.
Love-hate, like-dislike are prerogative,
Belief and faith, like shields, can be protective.
Sentiments are all about perspective.
Emotional reactions are not objective.
So much in life is subjective.
Nature, literature, art, music are not directive.
How does absolute exist with opinion?
Is one a master and the other a minion?
Age and time are absolute and relative.
Wisdom, virtues and vices are comparative.
In life filled with comparison,
One important and enduring lesson,
Most exquisite entities are above reason,
These don’t belong to a time, person or season.