Sitting with Thoughts

What did you do today?
I sat with my thoughts.
My inquirer asks-“what?”
Then, a sly smile and naught.

Some ask- how can you love to be with yourself?
I wonder-why is it tough to be with oneself?
My thoughts are great company.
Take me on old and new journey.

Is it unusual to enjoy company of self,
Undisturbed like a book on a shelf,
Thoughts can take you on unique trip(s),
To destinations that quickly flip.

What makes us seek continuous new stimulation?
Are new apps, games and devices - a real solution?
Or just a digital addiction-
Taking us away from pure imagination.

When newer stimulations promise pleasure,
Undistracted thinking is a rare treasure,
Reminiscing ideas at leisure,
Is without measure.

Citizens of our Minds

Beyond towns, cities and nations,
We are all citizens of our minds.
Where we live, imagine, speculate & interpret,
Words, gestures, actions and reactions.

We visit our mind’s rooms often,
For the what’s, why’s, when’s and how’s of our lives.
Positive thoughts are fleeting, but negative ones flow easier.
Do you wonder why?

An unkind word can hurt for long,
An unthinking action can sting strong.
Wounds by loved ones are the worst,
Unreciprocated love troubles most.

No easy solution or remedy of sorts.
Thoughts are an uncontrollable lot.
How can I train my mind?
Not to be troubled with thoughts unkind.

Some say meditate,
Others say act.
Still others suggest ignore.
Do not speculate and store.

All are noble suggestions,
Key is to turn them into actions.
Uncontrollable mind is the worst master,
Giving to its ways, can lead to disaster.

A hold on one’s thoughts, is the biggest victory.
Can change course of history,
And our body’s chemistry.

Above all and beyond,
A controllable mind,
Can lead to a higher ground.
Above sight, sense and sound.

Not easy, but a worthy goal.
When thoughts don’t stir.
But come and go without power.
Staying for a bit, but not too long.
Keeping one in charge and strong.