Lifelong Companions

Do you wonder about the many emotions,
That come and go without proportions.
Why do these enter as unsolicited suggestion?
Sometimes a scourge and other times a lotion.

Emotions are our lifelong companion,
Both a champion and a potion,
Not easy to control or contain,
But slowly we learn to rein.

Feelings defy definitions,
Exist as their own measure and permutations.
Some are temporary and transient,
While others are incessant and persistent.

Is all love fleeting?
Like a cursory social greeting.
And does this feeling,
Exist without a ceiling?

Some say love is not meant to be reciprocal,
But it’s definitely equivocal.
Mutuality in emotions is not a necessity,
But with it, feelings bloom with intensity and without scarcity.


Today, I need a break,
I plan to neither rake nor bake.
My well being is at stake.
Tomorrow will be different, but today, I have nothing to make.

Routines are good, give rhythm to life,
But, today I need a break.
Humdrum of everyday life has to some days-cease.
Pauses are vital-to revisit other things that please.

Today, I want to recall a few past events and nooks,
Read and reread old and new books.

Recall places and people filled with beauty beyond thought.
Jog memories of experiences that cannot be traded or bought.

I cherish days on slow pace,
When I don’t have to race.
Time to remember some old songs and place,
Things that bring smile to my heart and face.

Today I might open an old chest,
From it might emerge an old earring or a vest,
These will make be remember an old friend and a shared jest,
Every day chores can take some rest.

Today, I want to see an old photo,
More precious than a lotto.
Today, I wish to read an old letter,
That will make my mood better.

Tomorrow I will have to go back.
To regular routine and time on a track.
But today, I want a routine hack.
To regain energy and enthusiasm for dishes, laundry and stack.

My body and mind crave a rest,
Without it, I cannot be my best.
All week, I will lack the zest,
For everyday chores and life’s test.

Today, without guilt, I want to relax,
Get ready to give other days-my max.