Untidy Home

Blankets on the couch,
where members slouch,
chocolate stains in nooks and pouch,
incite  some anger and insincere ouch!

I like this chaos and mess,
though somedays I wish it’s less,
I know the price of cleanliness,
abhor the thought of orderliness.

Unpicked shirts, trousers and sock(s),
half closed drawers that mock,
bathroom shout for a towel or tooth paste,
From someone who entered in haste.

An unsharpened pencil,
papers, puzzle pieces and a stencil,
a pen, a pot, or a bottle without its cover,
There are always things to discover.

The comings and the goings,
hurried good byes and hellos,
kitchen counter with stuff and stains,
half eaten snacks for hunger pains.

I know soon all will become a memory,
and find a place in a poem or a story,
I want to enjoy these days to its full,
not take everyday living as a duty or dull.

I love my home untidy,
shudder when it stays tidy,
things in place-spic and span,
bring empty nest pains in the plan.

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