Women-yesterday and today

I wrote this several months back when my daughter traveled for COP. Today with Supreme Court’s ruling (https://www.npr.org/2022/06/24/1102305878/supreme-court-abortion-roe-v-wade-decision-overturn), I wonder how many generations back have we gone and what will this do to all the work that has gone on for decades to bring us to this point.

One family-two women,
75 years in between.
One journeyed to survive,
Another travels to thrive.

One escaped persecution,
During humanity’s worst migration.
Another works with discipline and dedication,
To prevent environmental affliction.

On sacrifices of generations,
Are dreams built of successions.

Today, the late matriarch's grand and great grand daughters live with liberation,
Educational and economic opportunities open to their generation.
May their late matriarch’s blessings be in continuation.
And all humanity benefit from societal reformation.

For this generation-the world is their oyster-sky and ground,
As opportunities and occasions abound,
Role models and mentors surround,
New avenues to explore can be sought and found.

My humble wish in words plain,
Let gender not restrict or restrain,
Or ideas and progress refrain,
Let all work together for humanity’s gain.

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