Zest or Rest

A new day, a new page,
Blank, unwritten, welcoming.
It seems to beckon,
“I have other things waiting,” I reckon.
Another small voice nudges, "stop making excuses."

The day is young, the sun is yet to sky light.
But my mind is not fully awake and bright.
I know it’s s easier to let my reverie stay.
Tougher is to breakaway.

Temptations are not far away
How do I turn my thoughts from a nay to a yay.
Our minds are fickle,
Can be distracted by a trickle.

Many diversions abound,
Phones, TVs, devices are all around.
Reasons to escape are easily found,
With so much we ourselves surround.

I tell myself-tomorrow will be better.
I will find a friend in letter.
At present I am unfocused- a scatter,
Don’t want to do things that matter.

Experience says-tomorrow is a mirage,
Feelings of ease often win and take charge.
These push aside facts-small and large.
But postponement comes with a heavy surcharge.

Reluctantly, I begin.
Slowly, the blank page and me wake up.

In my resolution, I find inspiration.
And an important realization-
So many foes of determination,
And friends of procrastination.
  1. it is amazing. It brings out the inner depth. Would love to connect with you. I live in Silicon Valley.

  2. Thanks dear Vandana 🙂 I am also learning that despite our instinct to protect, its best for children to learn…

  3. So true….each word is worth a complete message. I remember when massrjee took us children to India Gate for a…