Time Flies

Slowly but surely when life makes us behold,
Turns and events of our parents are getting old.
Seeing their medicines grow, walks slow and a stick to hold.
Something in us also changes-silently- untold.

We see how fast things mold,
Time seems heartless and cold.
Circle of life is not just a fact,
Its a journey- beyond act and react,

An individual and a universal tract,
A difficult, yet life’s immutable pact.

Energetic, dashing father one day appears frail,
I see his hearing slowly fail,
Some days he appears pale.
But, his values have left an indelible trail.

Loved beyond measure by his progeny,
His hard work and honesty have defined his destiny,
Passion for travel, outdoors and ceremony,
Are etched in my memory and old photos in harmony.

This new avatar is different, than what was,
As Precious and pristine-today as was.

Life is both slow and fast.
Sometimes difficult times seem to forever last,
But happy times go by quickly,
In the wink of an eye, life seems to fly by briskly.

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