Search and Seek

Search and seek what you can do best,
Find your niche and pursue with zest,
Move away from the rest,
Tend to your nest.

We can thrive with hard work and humility,
Best critic is with empathy and subtlety,
Understanding perspective is no banality,
Pursuing passions amidst choices galore is no triviality.

Not everything needs your opinion to bloom,
Without your shared wisdom, not all is gloom and doom,
Unsolicited advice is best once in blue moon,
You cannot be in command in every room.

Perusal of passions is a rare gift,
Going above and beyond to reach your potential is a spiritual lift,
Disturbances and distractions can lead adrift,
It’s vital to rise above unnecessary rancor and rift.

Desire and dedication can take us far,
Against your demons, wage a war.
To rise and reach the star(s),
Breakaway from popular opinion and personal bar(s).