From sky to the ground,
Colors in nature are all around.
Shifts in shades in humans are also profound,
Denote season and mood change with or without a sound.

Red in flowers, fruits and leaves is stark,
One of the many hues on the bark.
Red in humans denotes passion and rage,
Perhaps the sudden rush of blood is on stage.

Yellow is a color of the sun and moon,
Bringing us day and night-a blessing, a boon.
We look pale yellow when ill,
Blood flow being slower, seeming a standstill.

Life-giving abundant hue is green,
From grass and leaves to a lot in between.
Turning green with grudge,
Is a time waste, a total drudge.

Pink is a cousin of red,
Milder, softer, gentler but its own cred.
A disposition of pink of health,
Is more precious than a horde of wealth.

White in nature-clouds and snow,
Has its own place and glow.
Turning white in sorrow and grief,
Is also a life’s offering, but hopefully stays brief.

Black has had associations with darkness,
But the shade also stands for starkness.
It’s a color for the bold,
Beautifully complements many, but alone a sight to behold.

Black and white typically translate to dark and light,
But humans are neither all black nor white.
We have both hues,
That show up and collect their dues.

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